Sigma Sport BC 8.12 ATS Speedometer - cordless

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  • General functions

    • Full text display with seven available languages
    • Automatic start / stop (BC 8.12 only)
    • Watertight
    • Tool free install
    • UFSB-compatible**
    • Service interval programmable via UFSB**


    Bike functions

    • Current speed
    • Average speed
    • Maximum speed
    • Trip distance
    • Total distance*

    *Not shown while riding

    Time functions

    • Trip time
    • Total trip time*
    • Clock

    *Not shown while riding

    Relevant data

    • Hiding total values
    • Total values such as the
      • total distance and
      • total trip time
    • are hidden while riding.
    • No unnecessary button presses are needed, the values are quickly recorded, and the display information remains clear at all times.

    Battery life

    • For 100% full battery
    • BC 8.12 ATS: two years
    • ATS Geschwindigkeits-Sender: one year (on the BC 8.12 ATS)
    • The bike computers come in ‘deep sleep mode’. This guarantees 100% battery capacity to the consumer.

    Service interval

    • Bike tune up reminder function
    • With the service interval enabled, you are reminded of regularly scheduled maintenance for your bicycle.
    • The service interval can only be enabled/disabled by a bike shop. The retailer can set the desired number of miles using the UNIVERSAL FAST SETTING BOX
    • The computer comes with the service interval disabled.


    • ATS - Analog encoded single-channel wireless transmission
    • ATS refers to SIGMA SPORT’s own, newly developed, wireless, analog, coded transmission. The BC 8.12 ATS is the entry level wireless bike computer in the TOPLINE 2012.
    • The wireless transmitter on the fork transmits the signal from the magnets to the integrated receiver within the computer head.

    PC & MAC ready - SIGMA DATA CENTER evaluation software

    • Every model in the TOPLINE 2012 range can be connected to a PC or MAC using the optionally available docking station.
    • The SIGMA DATA CENTER evaluation software can be used to program the bike computer on your home computer and evaluate ride and training data. The software can also be used without the docking station. The data from the last ride can be manually entered and then evaluated in detail.

    Docking station

    • The new, dual-sided docking station is compatible with all TOPLINE 2009 and TOPLINE 2012 models.

    Universal bracket - All in one

    • With the universal bracket, wired bike computers can be effortlessly installed:
      • Just one cable length for front or rear wheel mounting
      • Attachment of the contacts for bike 1 or 2
      • Attachment of the cadence contacts.

    Accessories and spare parts - Compatible with TOPLINE 2009

    • All TOPLINE 2009 accessories and spare parts can also be used for TOPLINE 2012 (excluding the ATS speed transmitter).

    Intuitive Operation

    Easy to read

    • Full text display
      • All functions are displayed in full text, making them self-explanatory. Seven different languages are available.
    • Display
      • The large display ensures optimum legibility while riding. It is clear and well structured, showing up to two functions at a glance.

    Automatic start/stop - Independent bike computer activation

    • The automatic start/stop function enables a carefree start to the tour as the bike computer makes the connection with the transmitter without any buttons being pressed.
      • In wired models, activation occurs by the magnet;
      • in wireless devices, it occurs via the integrated motion sensor.
    • This ensures that the entire ride is accurately recorded.

    Installation - Secure attachment of mounts and transmitters

    • All brackets and transmitters can be attached using an O-ring or cable ties.
    • The computer mount can be attached to either the handlebar or the stem.
    • Tool-free magnet installation
      • The speed magnet can be simply and securely attached without tools. The power magnet is designed to fit on all conventional spoke shapes and diameters.

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