N8tive Low friction suspension seal kit Rock Shox 35mm

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  • The n8tive rear shock and fork service kits kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand suspension maintenance is essential anyway, on the other hand nasty side action caused by conventional seals is eliminated. Have you ever asked yourself about the poor break-away torque of your suspension? The quality of the seals acts a decisive part. That is why the n8tive suspension service component parts are made of a particular low-friction material. The less resistance, along with the special lip seal design, provides super smooth and quick response characteristics. So, do not just maintain, but upgrade your suspension performance!

    When it comes to the bike’s handling and performance, the suspension fork is virtually the front line. Hence you should give your best attention to it and follow the service intervals. Using one of the n8tive front fork service kits you do not just maintain best performance and reliability, but you can boost your riding experience: the lower friction provides minimum break-away torque allowing tiptop small-bump responsiveness. Installation is identical to the manufacturer’s service kit. The n8tive low-friction kit comes as full set of replacement seals and wipers, respectively.

    Suitable for Rock Shox Pike suspension fork (35mm).

    Shipment: all necessary replacement seals, rings and wipers are supplied

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