O`Neal Fury RL MIPS Helmet

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  • Тегло: 1.3 кг
    • Our best selling Fury helmet now with MIPS technology
    • Reduced impact from rotational forces when crashing
    • GoPro® mount integrated in visor
    • Lightweight (1100g) ABS shell
    • Goggles rest securely in place on ridge at back of shell
    • Sweat-absorbing and removable, washable inner liner
    • Height adjustable visor
    • O’Neal Fidlock® magnetic buckle (engineered in Germany) for easy, single-handed fastening and release
    • Exceeds EN1078 safety standard for bicycle Helmets

    More about MIPS:

    Helmets “cushion” the blow of an impact to your head by spreading the impact over a wide area of the helmet and reducing the energy that’s actually transferred to your head during the impact. Your helmet, to be less geeky about this, acts as a barrier that absorbs the energy of a sudden blow. How do they absorb energy? Most bike helmets feature a crushable foam (EPS) liner. It's basically a high-grade version of the stuff that disposable coolers are made from, and it's covered in a thin plastic shell. That plastic shell reduces friction in a crash, helps disperse impact energy and also helps keep the EPS liner together during an impact. But when it comes to absorbing energy it's mainly a foam thing. Or at least that's historically been the case. Helmet manufacturers wanted to stop skulls from breaking, so they created testing protocols that ensured that all certified helmets (that little EN or CPSC sticker in your helmet) reduce energy (measured in Gs) to a level deemed acceptable (generally, either 250 or 300 Gs depending on the standard in question).

    Credit: PinkBike

    You can find more information about MIPS at their official website:HERE

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