Dayco 770mm Belt for Suzuki Katana AC/LC

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  • Код DC32288
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  • Тегло: 0.200 кг
  • Aramid reinforced belt from well respected Italian company Dayco, sister company to Pirelli. The woven aramid fibre makes this belt much more durable than standard V-belts. Dayco belts meet the highest standard and are preferably used in Maxi scooters or motor scooters with higher capacity and power however can also be used as a replacement belt and are therefore a good choice for those who demand a little more than what the standard belt offers.

    Dimensions: 770*16.3

    This belt is suitable for Suzuki scooters such as B. AP 50 and AY 50 Katana.

    DV039 / 7910 / 27601010E00 / 2760110E00 / 2760110E0000 / 2760110E00X00

Цена за брой: 30.00 лв.

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